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Rep. Delgado Statement Three Years After the Schoharie Limo Crash

October 6, 2021

SCHOHARIE, NY – Today, U.S. Representative Antonio Delgado (NY-19) visited the Schoharie Limo Crash Memorial and released the following statement:

"Three years ago, the Schoharie limousine crash killed 20 individuals and forever changed our upstate community. Today, my heart is with the families of the victims and first responders.

Three years later, federal legislation to take unsafe limos off the road and improve safety is on the brink of passage. I want to thank all the family members who turned their grief into action. Your bravery and conviction will help save lives in upstate and across the United States. I won't rest until we pass these provisions into law."

Rep. Antonio Delgado, Rep. Paul Tonko, and Senator Chuck Schumer joined family members of the victims to introduce comprehensive legislation to improve limousine safety. Multiple limo safety provisions are included in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that would ensure the top safety concerns from the Schoharie crash are rectified.

Specifically, the bill will improve limo safety by instituting the following measures:

  • Establish a program to provide funding for states to impound unsafe vehicles
  • Mandate that the Department of Transportation (DOT) establish a mandatory annual inspection regime
  • Conduct formal research and rulemaking on limo side-impact protection, roof crush assistance, and airbag systems
  • Conduct formal research and rulemaking on how to evacuate limo passengers more easily and safely in emergency situations
  • Mandate limo operators conspicuously share their vehicle inspection history with prospective customers
  • Create a formal definition of a limousine in federal statute, making it easier to create safety standards for this type of vehicle
  • Create safety belt standards for limousines
  • Create seating system standards for limousines
  • Mandate retrofit assessments for existing limousines
  • Create safety standards for altering used vehicles into limousines